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Co-op America Business Network NEWS RELEASE

EcoPlanet's EcoChoices Natural Living Store Honored in National "Green Pages"

EcoPlanet's EcoChoices Natural Living Store has been listed in Co-op America's National Green PagesTM 2002, an honor roll of socially and environmentally innovative companies.

Each company listed in the Green Pages is pioneering cutting-edge solutions to today's most pressing problems: global warming; crime & violence; unaffordable health & child care; poverty & homelessness; overcrowded landfills; sweatshops and child labor; weakened local economies; disappearing natural habitats; soil, water & air pollution. 

To address the problem of air, soil and water pollution, EcoPlanet's EcoChoices Natural Living Store is offering alternative products that you cannot find in traditional stores. All materials used are environmentally friendly: including organic cotton, hemp, pure grow wool, natural latex, and sustainable wood. 

"Few Americans realize the extent to which concerned companies are creating practical solutions to today's social problems," says Alisa Gravitz, Co-op America's Executive Director. " Companies like EcoPlanet are meeting the bottom line as well as playing a key role in creating a better world."

EcoPlanet is a member of the Co-op America Business Network, the largest association of socially responsible businesses in the world. Descriptions of these businesses are found in the National Green Pages, which contains over one hundred and thirty categories and 2,200 companies, including such well-known businesses as Tom's of Maine and Horizon Organic Dairy, as well as thousands of smaller businesses.

Since all listed companies must provide evidence of their commitment to socially responsibility, consumers who use the National Green Pages can be assured that their products and services are coming from companies which care about people and the planet.

Copies of the National Green Pages are available for $7.95 (including S&H) by sending a check to: Co-op America, 1612 K St. NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20006; or call (800) 584-7336.



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